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Bush Roses. Ideal For Small Spaces and Containers.

The Bush Roses follow on from the Rose Bushes Page, and are similar to shrub roses, but they are smaller and more compact, although they may be difficult to find at a nursery. 

Unless you are very particular about getting a real 'bush' rose, then a rose bush is obviously the next best thing.  So if you have a garden with a space, put one in. But it must be the right one.

These roses can always be grown in large pots if you're running out of room in your garden, thus ensuring that you can have every one you want. Overall, unless you can find a specific 'bush rose',  which could be difficult, then a neat rose bush (shrub rose)will do. 

The only limit to these roses is space and your creativity. For instance, for a pale pink rose, I would choose a dark blue pot or dark to mid-blue companion plants. For a white rose, I would choose a Terracotta colour pot and for the garden, any colour will go with white. But I do love plenty of blue. For example, you can't go wrong with Salvia as a companion plant for a bush rose. Or plant grape hyacinth bulbs (muscari) for plenty of blue in spring.


The brilliant Floribunda rose 'Sunflare' which has won 3 awards. It grows to 2 - 4 feet, and is very fragrant. It flowers repeatedly from Spring through Summer. It can also handle the heat, and one of its parents is 'Sunsprite'. A lovely yellow garden rose.

Fairest Cape (Kordes 2005) 01

Hybrid Tea bush rose 'Fairest Cape' by Kordes 2005.

The Fairy Rose

The Fairy Rose. The most popular Polyantha rose ever. As shrub roses go, this is a winner for flowering right through Spring and Summer to Autumn. It needs deadheading to get rid of the many ugly dead flowers, but if you can do this it will also encourage more flowers. It is a low shrub from 1 - 3 feet, and has a mild fragrance. I have just bought the climbing form (it is a let down compared to the bush type).

Lovely Fairy (Vurens Spek 1992)

The 'Lovely Fairy' Rose, a sport of the Fairy. It has all of the Fairy's characteristics, only it's a deep pink.

Rosa xanthina Canary Bird01

The delicate and delightful 'Canary Bird' rose. It will grow from 5 - 6 feet. It flowers with a sweet scent in the Spring. As modern bush roses go, this one is a little different because its parents are very old - at least one is, below:


Rosa 'Xanthina'.

Rosa hugonis

Rosa 'Hugonis'. A species rose (wild) from 1899; also known as the 'Golden Rose of China' and the 'Father Hugo Rose'. This rose can still be purchased.

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“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.”

 L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island.