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The First Hybrid Tea Roses Were a Cross Between the Hybrid Perpetuals and the Tea Roses.

A Deep Red Hybrid Tea Rose Bush.Pointy Petals With Straight Sides. The Classic Hybrid Tea Rose Shape.

Hybrid Tea Roses were first bred by crossing hybrid perpetuals with Tea Roses. The hybrid teas are considered to be the oldest of the Modern Roses which we see today.

They are hardier than the tea roses, but not as hardy as the hybrid perpetuals, however, they are more likely to flower often even if not quite as often as the tea roses do. So they are a mixture of both worlds. A blend of toughness and repeat flowering.

To sum it up: the hybrid perpetuals are tough but do not bloom often enough, and the tea roses are more fragile but bloom more often. The Hybrid Teas combine both qualities.

'Soleil d'Or' (Golden Sun). The Very First Hybrid Tea Rose.

Rosa 'Soleil d'or2'

This rose was developed in 1900 by Joseph Pernet. It was certainly a real breakthrough. It combined the hardiness of the Hybrid Perpetuals with the repeat-blooming habit and colours of the Tea Roses. When he married Marie Ducher, who was the daughter of another famous rose breeder, he combined the two surnames, to Pernet-Ducher, in honour of both the families.

Rosa 'Mme Caroline Testout'

'Madame Caroline Testout'. A hybrid Tea. Pernet. 1890.

Pernet-Ducher lost both of his sons in World War 1, and developed a rose for each of them: 'Souvenir de Claudius Pernet', a hybrid tea, in 1920, and 'Souvenir de Georges Pernet' - (Pernetiana rose) in 1921.

Rose Claudius Pernet 20070601

'Souvenir de Claudius Pernet', Joseph Pernet-Ducher (France, 1920).

Rose Angele Pernet 20070601

'Angele Pernet'. A glorious specimen. 1924.

The Hybrid Tea Rose 'Peace'.

But it was the hybrid 'Peace' Rose ('Madame A. Meilland') which was the first rose to really put the hybrid teas on the map. Developed by Francis Meilland between 1935 and 1939, it was named the 'Peace Rose' at the end of the Second World War. It is a descendant of 'Soleil d'Or'.


'Peace'. It still remains the most popular rose ever. It has flowers the size of a saucer. (About 6"). For advice and care of Hybrid Tea Roses, you will find this site excellent:

Caring for your Hybrid Tea Rose.

The Following Pictures of Hybrid Tea Roses Are Just Some of My Many Favourites.

Rosa Ballet1958

'Ballet' (Also known as the 'Prima Ballerina'). Kordes 1958.

'Ballet' was introduced in 1957. This beautiful rose is a parent of the 'Peace' Rose and is just as easy to grow as are a lot of the hybrid teas. It has beautifully formed petals in dark pink, and is highly fragrant. It will grow to about 3 feet and is a repeat flowering rose. Perfect.

Rosa 'Athena'. Hybrid Tea Rose by Kordes. 1958.

'Athena', Kordes 1982.

Large flowers, cream with beautiful pink tipped edges. Strong fragrance. Repeat flowering. Tolerates warmer weather. Will grow up to 3 feet tall. Once again, I love the ragged edges. The perfect rose.

Rosa 'Claude Monet'. A Hybrid Tea Rose.

'Claude Monet', Jackson & Perkins 1992 (United States). See other roses named after famous people.

A rose

'Double Delight', Swim & Ellis 1977. Highly fragrant.  One of the best known roses in the world. (Rose Hall of Fame).

Rosa 'Golden Medaillon' J1

'Golden Medallion', W. Kordes & Sons (Germany, 1991). This is a vigorous grower with a mild fragrance. Highly dependable and a great exhibition rose.

Lady Huntingfield 28 Oct 2004

'Lady Huntingfield', Alister Clark (Australia, 1937). Vigorous and highly fragrant. And of course a repeat bloomer.

Beautiful yellow hybrid tea rose 'Lowell Thomas'. 1943. France.

 'Lowell Thomas', Charles Mallerin 1943 (France). Vigorous grower and fragrant . Photo credit: Stan Shebs.


WOW. What a rose! 'Rio Samba', William A. Warriner (United States, 1991). This rose has mild to strong fragrance. It is susceptible to some rose diseases, but all of these can be controlled by taking good care of it. Obviously worth an effort.

Rosa Sonja Meilland

'Sonia Meilland', Meilland 1970. This rose looks just like silk. It has a medium fragrance.

Rich red very fragrant hybrid tea winning rose 'Papa Meilland".

 'Papa Meilland' hybrid tea rose. In the Rose Hall of Fame. Rich velvet. Highly fragrant, repeat-flowering. Still at the top after decades of world popularity.

Rosa 'Esmeralda' 02

Rosa 'Esmeralda' (Reimer Kordes, 1981). Not to be confused with the Floribunda Rose 'Esmerelda' 1957 by Riethmuller.

Rose Abbaye de Cluny 20070601

 'Abbaye de Cluny', Alain Meilland 1993 (France).


Belfast Gold Medal 1995

Lyon Gold Medal 1994

Monza Gold Medal 1993

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'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a-flying;

And this same flower that smiles today,

Tomorrow will be dying'. Robert Herrick. 1592 - 1674.