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The Joseph's Coat Rose. The Rose To Be Proud Of.

Joseph's Coat Rose Growing Along a White Picket Fence.Shrubby Along A Fence.

The Joseph's Coat Rose is a Floribunda which is a cross between a Hybrid Tea and a Polyantha rose. Thus you get all the elegance and superior qualities of the Hybrid Teas and lots of flower heads in large clusters which are its inheritance from the Polyanthas such as the Fairy Rose.  

This rose of many colours - and it sure has some colours as it progresses from bud to full blown - grows as a large shrub or as a climber from 8 to 10 feet.

The colours are amazing, depending on which rose you are looking at and when. It has pinks, yellows, oranges and reds with many different shades of each. there's always at least three colours happening at once, giving it a sensational appearance. If you want to impress, do it with this rose. Like the Double Delight Rose, the intensity of the colours differs depending on the climate, the soil, and the amount of sunlight it receives.

The blooms are 4" across and it may have over 40 petals on each. And like all Floribundas they come in large clusters. It easy easy and vigorous to grow as a shrub, a pillar or as a climber for a trellis, archway or pergola. Having one on either side of an arch looks superb and very balanced, but it would need quite a bit of pruning. However, it would certainly be worth the effort. The leaves are mid to dark glossy green. Its fragrance is mild but beautiful, and it flowers from spring through to autumn.

This picture shows just how deep the Ruby Red colour can get, and just how many buds you get on each cane. Like all the Floribundas, you get plenty of blooms for your money. Wherever you go to look at images of this spectacular rose, you would never find two the same. Some are pale, and others like this one, can be very dark. It's really fit for a Queen.

Really Bright Red and Yellow Bloom of Joseph's Coat Rose.The Most Regal Of Golds.
tracie7779 / Foter / CC BY-SA

Constantly changing colours from bloom to bloom.

Orange and Yellow Colours in a Single Bloom of Joseph's Coat Rose.A Single Bloom.
Recherché Furnishings / Foter / CC BY

The Joseph's Coat Rose is not one of those roses you can just stick in the ground and forget it. It requires a bit of extra TLC, but only in the way roses like. It has not won any awards so far and it's been around since 1964. Any Black Spot can be controlled as long as you remove all the affected leaves, wrap them in paper and put them in the bin. This prevents the Black Spot from spreading to other plants.

Rosa x 'Joseph's Coat' Climbing Floribunda

This picture shows just how many varieties of colour you can get with Joseph's Coat. This one shows red, deep pink, yellow, light pink and even orange. Some bushes will have more intensity of colours than others.

Check List For Joseph's Coat Rose Care.

  • At least 6 hours of sun daily, preferably more
  • Morning sun if possible.
  • A raised bed to give excellent drainage - but not essential
  • Compost mulch
  • Slow Release Rose Fertilizer according to the instructions
  • A trellis or support of some kind for the climbing form
  • Regular dead heading to keep those blooms coming
  • Plenty of water - a bucket a fortnight (in small doses)
Pale Pink and Yellow Blooms Climbing a Support. Joseph's Coat Rose.Climbing a Support.
Care_SMC / Foter / CC BY-ND

It can also be grown as a hedge. Imagine that! It is very thorny, so a hedge would certainly keep any unwanted creatures out. It could be used as a fence as I've done with many thorny plants. It does best in rich soil, so that could explain why some of the Joseph's Coat Roses are deeper in colour than others. It can be grown as a large shrub which means it will probably grow to about 6 feet at least. However, it does respond well to pruning if you want to keep it a window level.It needs the right fertilizer for roses, and can be susceptible to Black Spot, but apart from that it is otherwise very healthy. However, if you neglect this rose, it will not reward you as it should. Always keep it well weeded and allow plenty of air to circulate around the base of the plant. 

Joseph's Coat Rose in Ruby and Yellows.Deepest Ruby Red With Plenty Of Blooms To Come.

To see lots of Joseph's Coat Roses click here:  (Google Image Search).

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