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List of Flower Names D.

 Common Flower Names Beginning With D

20140226Narcissus pseudonarcissus2

Daffodil. (Narcissus).

Dahlia."Erika Krause".7408

Dahlia. (Aster Family).

Daisy (5970453698)

Daisy. (Aster Family).

Daphne bholua 20070226-1505-12

Daphne. (Daphne odora, Winter Daphne).

Day Lily at the church

Day Lily. (Hemerocallis).

Delphinium menziesii 5834

Delphinium. (Larkspur).  Ranunculus Family.

"Adenium obesum" Also known by the names "Sabi Star, Kudu, Mock Azalea, Impala Lily & Desert-rose

Desert Rose. (Dogbane). 

Blue and gold native bloom

Dianella. (Flax Lily). 

Dianthus toletanus Closeup Puertollano

Dianthus. (Pinks, Sweet William). Carnation Family.

5717 - Schynige Platte - Flowers

Diascia. (Twin Spur). 

Dichondra. Morning Glory Family. (Convolvulus).

Dietes grandiflora, d, Springbokpark

Dietes. (Wild Iris). Iridaceae Family.

White Dutch irises

Dutch Iris. (Iris hollandia). Iridaceae Family.

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Pluck not the wayside flower;

It is the traveler's dower.

William Allingham