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List of Flower Names F.

Common Flower Names Beginning With F.

Actinotus helianthi head

Flannel Flower. (Actinotus helianthi). Australian Native.

Linum perenne 'Perennial Flax' (Linaceae) flower

Flax Flower. (Linseed).

Ageratum houstonianum1

Floss Flower. (Ageratum).

Myosotis arvensis ois

Forget Me Not. (Mycositis).


Forsythia. (Golden Bells).

Digitalis purpurea 003

Foxglove. (Digitalis).

Frangipani flowers (5114501552)

Frangipani. (Plumeria).

Flower March 2010-2

Freesia. (Iris Family).

French marigold Tagetes patula

French Marigold. (Tagetes).


Fuschia. (Lady's Eardrop).

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"Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?" Maurice Maeterlinck.