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List of Flower Names N.

Common Flower Names Beginning With N.

Narcissus white

Narcissus. (Paper Whites).

Multi coloured nasturtium bed

Nasturtiums. (Tropaeolum).

Flower in the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Nemesia. (Plantaginaceae Family).


Nemophila. (Baby Blue Eyes).

Nepeta sibirica flower detail

Nepeta. (Catmint).

Nerine undulata 02

Nerine.  (Amaryllis Family).

Nicotiana tabacum Orchi 143

Nicotiana. (Tobacco Plant).

Nierembergia repens cropped

Nierembergia. (Cup Flower).

Nigella damascena pink

Nigella. (Love in the Mist).

Nolana rostrata (8719335822)

Nolana. (Chilean Bell Flower). Nightshade Family. Seeds available online.


Nymphea. (Water Lily).

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"Full many a flower is born to blush unseen".

James Joyce.