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List of Perennial Flowers D.

A Beautiful Perennial Garden Setting Using Pots.A Beautiful Perennial Garden Setting Using Pots.

Perennial Flowers Starting With D.

20140212Narcissus pseudonarcissus5

Daffodil. (Narcissus).

Kwiat Dalii

Dahlia. (Graceland).

Bellis perennis11

Daisy Flower. (Asteraceae family).

Daphne odora1

Daphne odora.

Orange Double Day Lily (190278478)

Day Lily. (Hemerocallis). 

Delphinium cv2

Delphinium. (Cultivar). Ranunculus Family.


Desert Rose. (Adenium obesum).

Dianthus toletanus Closeup Puertollano

Dianthus.  (Carnation family).

Diascia 'Pink Butterfly' by Christine Boulby 1

Diascia. (Pink Butterfly).

Dietes grandiflora or Fairy Iris

Dietes grandiflora. (Fairy Iris). 

White Dutch irises

Dutch Iris. (Iris Hollandica).

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"A weed is but an unloved flower".

Ella Wheeler Wilcox