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List of Perennial Flowers I.

A Winding Path Through The Red Poppies And Wildflowers.A Winding Path Through The Red Poppies And Wildflowers.

Perennial Flowers Starting With I.

IBERIS SEMPERVIRENS - GENTO - IB-285 (Carraspic sempreverd)

Iberis. (Sempervirens). Candytuft.

Papaver nudicaule dsc00913

Iceland Poppy. (Papaver nudicaule).

Carpobrotus April 2013-1

Ice Plant. (Carpobrotus).

Ilex aquifolium fruits 2009December13 DehesaBoyaldePuertollano

Ilex. (Holly Plant). NB. If you want continual berries you will need a male plant and a female plant.

Impatiens scapiflora

Impatiens. (Busy Lizzie).

Indigofera tinctoria1

Indigo Plant. (Indigofera).

Ipheion uniflorum1

Ipheon. (Star Flower). Amaryllis Family.

Flora Oued Zitoun6

Ipomea. (Morning Glory).

Iris 'Sharpshooter'

Iris Flower. (Iridaceae Family).

Ixia dubia yellow ixia

Ixia. (Corn LIly. Iris Family).

Ixora red flowers

Ixora. (Jungle Flame). Rubiaceae Family.

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