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List of Perennial Flowers U-V.

Garden With Bright Showy Perennials and Petunias.Garden With Bright Showy Perennials and Annual Petunias.

Perennial Flowers Starting with U-V.

Aechmea fasciata - Hong Kong Botanical Garden - IMG 9675

Urn Plant. (Aechmea fasciata). Bromeliad Family.

Ursinia calenduliflora

Ursinia calenduliflora. (Daisy Family).


Uva Ursi. Arctostaphylos. (Bear Berry)


Verbena officinalis. (Vervain).

Veronica longifolia1

Veronica longifolia. (Speedwell).

Viburnum grandiflorum I IMG 7005

Viburnum. (Adoxaceae Family).

Viola cultivars at BBC Gardeners' World - 20110616

Viola Cultivars. (Violaceae Family).

Viola odorata fg01

Viola odorata. (Sweet Violet). Spreading.

Trip And Spring 005

Viola sororia. (Wild Violet). Spreading.

Viola tricolor whole

Viola tri-colour.  (Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up).

Pansy bi colour

Viola wittrockiana. (Pansy). Violaceae Family.

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"Flowers can't solve all problems but they're a great start". Anon.