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Miniature Roses are Similar to the Old Garden Roses and the Modern Roses.

Rosa Lemon Delight 1

 'Lemon Delight'.

Miniature Roses probably came from 'Rosa chinensis minima' which was apparently found in a window box in Switzerland in 1815. It was duly cultivated and successful in giving us many of the qualities of the larger roses of today such as growing habit, colour and repeat flowering.

The miniature roses of today are hardy, disease resistant and even fragrant and we also have almost the full spectrum of the large roses in the miniature roses. Despite their small size, these adorable roses are capable of surviving hot summers and cold winters and still come up blooming - in just as many colours as their larger relatives.

They require little maintenance apart from regular seasonal pruning, they can be grown in pots, as ground covers, as climbers - even as cascading roses in a hanging basket (next on the list for me - a double red one) - and they can even be grown indoors (with a lot of care). Grow the climbing forms up a trellis and they will attain a good few feet or more in height. 

Just like their larger relatives, they have flowers which may be single, double, semi-double or centifolias ( 100 petals or more). They may flower in clusters (or sprays), and may be odourless or highly fragrant. As far as tiny roses go, the sky's the limit for me. I love them.

Caring For Your Miniature Rose.

How to care for your new miniatureI love this site because it leads you to so many other rose-related topics. Note: There is some controversy about growing roses indoors, no matter what size they are. My advice is to experiment. Try it for yourself. Roses have a way of letting us know if they are suffering, pretty quickly.

Some Miniatures I Would Love To Grow.

Rosa Dancing Jewel 1

Dancing Jewel. Morey USA 1980.

Rosa sp.188

 Maria Mathilda.  Floribunda. Hague Gold Medal 1981.

Sugar Baby (Tantau 1996)

Sugar Baby. Tantau 1996.

Stars And Stripes Rose With Drops (246719273)

Stars and Stripes. Moore USA 1976.

Rosa Lupo flowers 2014

Lupo. Kordes 2006. A very special Miniature Rose.


Geneva Certificate of Merit 2006

Le Roeulx Silver Medal 2006

Madrid Bronze Medal 2006

The Hague Certificate of Merit 2006

ADR 2007

Belfast - Best Miniature or Patio Rose 2008

Hradec Králové First Prize 2009

Australian Bronze Medal 2010

Peach Clementine (Tantau 2002)

Peach Clementine. Tantau 2002.

Bluenette (De Ruiter 1983)

Bluenette. De Ruiter 1983. Patio Rose.

Pastel pink Miniature Rose 'Perla de Monserrat'.

Perla de Montserrat. One of this beauty's parents is the famous 'Cecile Brunner'.

Sublime (Tucker 2003)

Sublime. Tucker 2003.

Heideröslein Nozomi (Onodera 1968)

Nozomi. Climber. Onodera 1968.

Rosa sp.308

 Golden Penny.(Rosa Guletta). De Ruiter 1973. Netherlands.

Red, gold and yellow Miniature Rose 'Mandarin'.

'Mandarin'. Kordes 1987.

Rosa Boomerang

Boomerang. Spooner 1992.

Honeymilk (Tantau 2002) 02

Honey Milk. Tantau 2002.

Charmant (Kordes 1999)

 'Charmant'. Kordes 1999.

Rosa Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor. Michael C. Williams 1999.

Rosa 'Easy Cover' Poulsen 1996 RPO

Easy Cover. Poulsen 1996. Miniature Ground Cover.

Rosa Cricket 1

'Cricket'.  Christensen 1978. 


Life Lines.  A Climber.


Candle Light. Tantau 2001.

Zwergkönigin 78 (Kordes 1978)

Zwergkönigin. Kordes 1978.

Avon (Ground Cover) rose

Avon. Poulsen 1992. Ground Cover, Patio Rose.

Chilli Clementine (Tantau 2004)

Chilli Clementine. Tantau 2004. 

Clementine (Tantau 1997)

Clementine. Tantau 1997.

Pink Star (Interplant 1977)

Pink Star. Interplant 1977.

Sonnenröschen (Kordes 2005)

Sonnenröschen. Kordes 2005.

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'Loveliest of lovely things are they on earth that soonest pass away. The rose that lives its little hour is prized beyond the sculptured flower'.

William C. Bryant