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A rose bush or shrub will bring simplicity, extravagance, colour, fragrance, just about whatever you want. 

Rose Bush, Fort Royal Park, Worcester, England - DSCF0663

The Humble Rose Bush.

Quite often the simple rose bush can pack a powerful punch, depending on where you choose to plant it. Under a window looks just delightful, and it makes such a statement. There is a rose bush for every occasion and because it's not climbing it's easier to get to and to care for. I have chosen the brightest and most colourful for this page out of a list of hundreds. 

Rosa 'Duet' 2

This gorgeous Hybrid Tea Rose 'Duet' is a stunner and it flowers from mid-Spring to mid-Autumn. It is fragrant and will grow from 4- 5 feet. It has won 2 awards. I definitely have to have this rose with its shaggy petals which look so unkempt and yet perfect.

Rosa 'Easy Does It'

Rosa 'Easy Does It'. Floribunda. 

Rosa Friesia 1

The 'Friesia' Rose, also called the 'Sunsprite' Rose.

This simply stunning and exceptionally fragrant Floribunda rose grows to 3 or 4 feet. It flowers from Spring to Autumn with long-lasting blooms which do not fade and live long as a cut flower. It has won 4 awards. It simply glows - in 3D - on my computer anyway.

Hybrid Tea - Garden Party 15 (crop)

The Hybrid Tea Rose 'Garden Party' which has won two awards. It's petals are creamy yellow fringed with pink, and are fragrant. It will grow to about 4 feet. It flowers from mid-Spring to mid-Autumn. No wonder it is so beautiful; it has the 'Peace' rose as one of its parents.

Kordes Brilliant (Kordes 1983)

Need a bright orange red rose bush somewhere in your garden? This has got to be it. Simply called 'Kordes Brilliant' it lives up to its name. And it's fragrant. It will grow to about 4 - 5 feet, flowering through the spring/summer period. Information about this rose is rather scarce.


What could be brighter? The 'Mardi Gras' rose bush. This AARS winner Floribunda will grow to 4 feet. And it is fragrant, blooming right through Summer to brighten your days.


The  'Marmalade Skies' rose bush,  Floribunda, will bloom through Summer and Autumn with fragrance. Its height is about 3 feet.

Rosa 'Orange Sensation'

The fiery, cheerful Floribunda rose bush 'Orange Sensation'. Very fragrant and will grow to 2 feet and flowers repeatedly during Spring and early Summer. A real eye catcher.

Rosa "Pat Austin"1

The beautiful David Austin rose bush  'Pat Austin'. Very popular and will grow to 6 feet. Fragrant with repeat flowering.


And no garden is complete without a 'Peace' rose bush. It will grow to 6 feet, it is fragrant, and repeat flowers from Spring right through to Autumn. Perfect.

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“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.” Unknown.