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Rose Bushes Belong In Every Garden.

The choices available when looking for Rose Bushes (Rose Shrubs) are quite staggering. A garden can have too many climbers and other kinds of roses, but there's always room for one more small one. This page continues on from the Rose Shrubs and the Rose Bush pages, and even then I may need another. There's seemingly no end to them. Let's begin with a real stunner.


Rosa 'Pillow Fight'. I have never seen such a brilliant white rose. It has a lovely perfume and will flower repeatedly, never seeming to stop, during Spring and early Summer. It grows to 3 feet, and it needs nothing other than its dark green leaves to set it off. 

Rosa 'Pink Promise' 2010-04-27 crop

Rosa 'Pink Promise'. This stunning Hybrid Tea will grow to 5 feet and as its flowers grow right to the ground it needs to stand alone to be shown off. It flowers from Spring to Autumn (which means I have to have this one). And it is fragrant! Bred in the USA in 2006.

Rosa Pompon Blanc Parfait 1

'Pompom Blanc Parfait' which means 'perfect white pompom'. It certainly is that. This is an Alba rose from 1876. It flowers only once in Spring or Summer and is highly fragrant. It is considered a rare rose, so if you like a lovely surprise once a year, here it is. It will grow to about 4 feet.

Princess de Monaco 1982

The elegant, fragrant, gorgeous 'Princesse de Monaco'. A Hybrid Tea which is available as a climber, too (although rather hard to find online). The perfume is of exquisite medium to strong 'real' rose and it flowers repeatedly during Spring and Summer and even until the first frost. My mother has the climbing form and it's almost time for it to flower over the archway (Early Spring, Australia).

The only thing this rose needs is plenty of water in a well drained position. The shrub form grows to 3 - 5 feet. The blooms can reach 6 inches across. Divine. Have lived with it for 15 years and it is a stunner, both in the climbing form and the shrub form. All it asks for is water. Subtropical Queensland and never a problem yet. No sprays, nothing special. Just water.

Rosa Princess of Wales01

Another rose fit for royalty. Rosa 'Princess of Wales' Floribunda to about 3 feet. Fragrant and long flowering period. Continual, repeat flowering and eye catching.

Rose Pulman

Let's leave Royalty for the moment. A rose for anybody who likes cheerful colours. Rosa 'Pullman Orient Express'. A Hybrid Tea which will grow from 2 - 3 feet.  It is fragrant, and even blooms for the whole season up until the first frost. It looks rather special - that's because one of its parents is the 'Peace' Rose and they don't come much more special than that if you want rose bushes - anywhere.

Rosa Queen Elizabeth

The Hybrid Tea 'Queen Elizabeth', World's Favourite Rose (Rose Hall of Fame) 1979. It will grow to 6 feet as a shrub, but there is apparently a climbing form to 12 feet (but it may not have many flowers). I'd stick to the bush type. And then one visitor says his has grown to 18 feet. However tall it grows,  it is perfect for under a window or against a wall, even as a rose tree. It is fragrant and blooms profusely over Spring and Summer. I have lived with this rose and I loved it. 


This beautifully refreshing rose is aptly named 'Rainbow Sorbet'. It will grow to 5 feet, and as far as rose bushes go, it is excellent. It flowers through Spring and Summer and is fragrant although some people disagree with this.


Another stunning rose bush. The Hybrid Tea 'Rio Samba'. This has got to be one of the most spectacular rose bushes ever, also in my favourite colours. It grows up to 5 feet and it flowers from Spring through to Autumn. It is susceptible to some rose diseases and pests, so just make sure you reach for the right bottle.  Although Asprin is being used to get rid of  pests and diseases, it is still controversial. 

Rosemary Harkness

Rosa 'Rosemary Harkness'. Most Fragrant Rose Award 1987. I don't find many of those! For all her beautiful characteristics, check out 'Rosemary Harkness' at

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