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Rose image by 'Schuubay'.

Papa Meilland. Inducted in 1988.

A well known rose with the classic tea rose shape. Rich velvety blooms on a single stem. Very fragrant. A wonderful Valentine's Day Rose. Needs some protection in a cozy corner of the garden and it will thrive. It is a vigorous grower and needs no other special care. Height: 2 feet Shrub Rose. Repeat-flowering. Perfect. Parents: 'Chrysler Imperial' and 'Mallerin'.


Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1962.

Geneva Perfume Cup 1963.

Gamble Fragrance Award 1974.

Worlds Favorite Rose 1988.

mmmavocado / / CC BY

Cecile Brunner (the Sweetheart Rose). A vigorous bloomer and a polyantha. So many blooms on each stem.

Rosa Pascali

Pascali. Inducted in 1991.

Hybrid Tea whose parents were: 'Queen Elizabeth' and 'White Butterfly'. Upright thorny shrub rose with mild perfume. Deciduous. Blooms repeatedly during Summer and Autumn. Double creamy white petals. 


World's Favourite Roses (Inducted 1991).

RNRS Certificate of Merit 1963.

The Hague Gold Medal 1963.

All-America Rose Selection 1969.

Rosa New Dawn1UME

New Dawn.  Inducted in 1997. 

Rosa 'New Dawn' J1

New Dawn.

Sometimes a rose will produce a 'Sport' (on the same bush) and if all goes well it can be developed into a new rose type, as the one below.

Rosa Awakening (2)

'Awakening', Böhm 1935. Sport of 'New Dawn' (Not in the Hall of Fame).

Rose Ingrid Bergmann

Ingrid Bergman.  Inducted in 2000.

I'm not surprised to find this rose in the Hall of Fame. It is a beautiful red and its petals feel like silk. It was bred by Olsen and introduced into Denmark in 1984. Although this hybrid tea has all the looks and other great qualities which make it desirable, like growth habit - sturdy and upright to 6 feet, hardiness and repeat-blooming, its fragrance is not as strong as 'Papa Meilland'. 

 However it has won quite a few awards:

Belfast Gold Medal 1985.

Copenhagen Gold Medal 1986.

Madrid Gold Medal 1986.

The Hague Gold Medal 1987.

The World's Favourite Rose 2000.

 Parents: 'Precious Platinum' x Seedling.

Rose Abbaye de Cluny 20070601

Just Joey. Inducted in 1994. 

'Abbaye de Cluny', Alain Meilland 1993 (France).


Seed: 'Just Joey'

Pollen: 'Louis de Funès' ® × 'MEInarual'.

Just Joey is a tough, vigorous hybrid tea rose. It is repeat-flowering and has a mild fragrance. It grows to about 2 feet. A wonderful apricot rose bush. A classic.


Belfast Gold Medal 1995.

Lyon Gold Medal 1994.

Monza Gold Medal 1993.

Rosa cultivar Bonica 82 3

Bonica. Inducted in 2003.

'Bonica 82', Marie-Louise Meilland 1981 (France). Read all about the Bonica Rose right here.

An exceptional Floribunda Rose well know for its hardiness and growth habit. It will do almost anything, much like the 'Iceberg'. A must-have for any garden. But only mild fragrance.


Seed: Rosa sempervirens L. × 'Mademoiselle Marthe Carron'.

Pollen: 'Picasso'.


Worlds' Favorite Roses (Included 2003).

ADR 1982.

All-America Rose Selection 1986.

Bagatelle 1988 2eme prix.

Rosa 'Eden Rose' J1

Pierre de Ronsard®  Inducted 2006. 

Also known as Rosa 'Eden Rose 85' and

Rosa 'Eden Rose 88'. By Meilland 1985.  But not to be confused with Rosa 'Eden Rose', Meilland 1950.

Wonderful as a pillar rose. Fragrant. Repeat-flowering through early Summer to late Autumn. Great on a wall or a fence. A truly gorgeous rose. Romantically named after the poet who lived from 1524 - 1585. He was a keen gardener and in the court of Mary, Queen of Scotts.


Seed: 'Danse des Sylphes' × 'Händel'

Pollen: 'Pink Wonder, Cl.'

Rosa sp.90

Elina. Inducted 2006.

Patrick Dickson (United Kingdom, 1984).


'Nana Mouskouri' × 'Lolita' ®.

A truly beautiful creamy yellow rose with blooms up to 6" across. Tough and fast growing; it will reach 6 feet. Mild fragrance but a beautiful cut rose for indoors.


ADR 1987.

James Mason Medal 1994.

New Zealand Gold Medal 1987.

New Zealand Gold Star of the South Pacific 1987.

The World's Favourite Rose 2006.

RNRS Certificate of Merit 1983.

Rosa Graham Thomas

 Graham Thomas. Inducted 2009.

Parents: 'Charles Austin' × 'Schneewittchen' (the beautiful 'Iceberg').

The last of the rose images in the Hall of Fame, 'Graham Thomas' is a stunning rose and was named after the noted rose breeder. Bred by David Austin in 1983. It is a tall, hardy rose bush or a low climber. Strong fragrance. It repeat flowers from early Summer through to Autumn.


Rosexpo Montreal Show: Best English Rose Spray or Specimen (CRS) 1999.

The World's Favourite Rose 2009.

James Mason Award from the RNRS in 2000.

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