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Rose Pictures. Modern Roses in the Hall of Fame.

The rose pictures on this page are those of the Modern Roses which have been inducted into the Hall of Fame which was created in 1968 by the World Federation of Rose Societies of which there are now 41 member countries. It holds conferences every 3 years and this year's is in South Africa (2011).

The first countries to join were Australia, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Great Britain and the USA. To see all of today's participating nations, visit their website, and learn even more: The World Federation of Rose Societies.


The Peace Rose.The first Modern Rose to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1976. 

Find out the history of this special rose right here on its own page.

Rosa Queen Elizabeth

 Queen Elizabeth - The Queen Elizabeth Rose. Inducted in 1979.

Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Grandiflora.

The Queen Elizabeth Rose is a Floribunda bush rose with mild fragrance. It is a hardy rose and will tolerate a small amount of shade. It is fairly disease resistant and is classed as 'rare'. It has beautiful big blooms and flowers repeatedly in Summer. The flowers are excellent to cut and bring indoors. It has been classified by some as the best pink rose ever developed. Bred by the US breeder Lammerts in 1954 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's  ascension to the throne in 1952. It has gone out of fashion since the 1980's but maybe this year - her Diamond Jubilee - will bring it back.


Portland Gold medal 1954,

AARS 1955,

Royal National Rose Society Gold medal 1955,

AARS Gold medal 1957,

Golden Rose of the Hague 1968,

World Federation of Rose Societies Hall of Fame 1978,

World's Favorite Rose 1979.

Rosa sp.88

 Fragrant Cloud. Inducted in 1981.

'Fragrant Cloud'  is a hybrid tea and has won several awards. It is hardy - does well in the cold - and its fragrance is very strong. It grows to about 4' or 5' and can be bought as a Standard Rose as well. It flowers repeatedly from Summer well into Autumn. 


ADR 1964

James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Award 1969 & 1970

Portland Gold Medal 1966 & 1967

RNRS Gold Medal 1963

World's Favorite Roses (Included 1981).

The next rose must be one of the most popular in the world:

The beautiful popular Climbing 'Iceberg' Rose. White with delicate pink-tinted centre. Hall of Fame

Iceberg Rose. Inducted in 1983.

'Iceberg' (Rosa 'Schneewittchen', Kordes 1958) was discovered by the German rose breeder, Reimer Kordes, in 1958. It comes as a shrub rose, a climber, a Standard and a Weeping Standard, as well as other colours. The climbing variety is a 'sport' of the shrub form. It was discovered by B.R. Cant in 1968 (UK). It is a Floribunda Rose, prolific flowering, very hardy, superb as a cut flower with mild fragrance. The kind of rose to be grown in a large pot on either side of a front door (especially the Climbing type). I love it.

It is so good that it was used by David Austin and others as a parent to the following roses:

1983 – 'Graham Thomas' and 'Perdita'; 1984 – 'Belle Story', 'Dove' and 'Heritage'; 1985 – 'Emanuel'; 1986 – 'Claire Rose', 'English Garden' and 'Swan'.

Rose pictures of other coloured Icebergs (Sports):


 'Brilliant Pink' Iceberg'.


'Burgandy Iceberg'. Beautiful velvety blooms.

Tea rose hybrid and bud

 Double Delight inducted in 1985. 

What a rose! Parents: 'Granada' and 'Garden Party'. 'Double Delight', Swim & Ellis 1977


Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1976.

Rome Gold Medal 1976.

All-America Rose Selection 1977.

The World's Favourite Rose 1985.

A hybrid tea rose which is cream, edged with cherry red. (Hybrid Teas were the very first Modern Roses). Very tough and prolific bloomer and highly fragrant, flowering from late Spring, through Summer and into Autumn.  Double Delight now has its own page.

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"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December". - J. M. Barrie