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Let Rose Shrubs Have Their Heads. 

Pink Rose Shrubs Both Ends of Garden Seat.Pink Rose Shrubs Around A Garden Seat.

Let rose shrubs loose in your garden and you'll never look back. Wherever you have a gap which needs a certain 'something' which just doesn't suit any of the other rose types, then these gorgeous plants are the ones for you. 

They come in so many different colours, sizes and shapes, that you can't go wrong. They are tough and hardy and look great with companion plants around them; or maybe you need a hedge? 

On this page (and the following two pages) you'll find roses which are not climbers (or maybe a few tall ones could be coaxed into climbing - a bit). They can be cut back after a few years to reveal maybe the climbers or ramblers planted behind them and you can mix and match as much as you like with these outstanding specimens. I am not talking about Knockout Roses on this page.  

And neither will I be showing any of the old garden roses. The shrub roses will be modern and unique (I'll try, anyway, although there may be a few antique roses). Colour rules on this page/s. And maybe even some fragrance. The rose bushes or rose shrubs are shorter and more disease resistant than their taller relations, and they certainly are repeat flowering.

The pale pink floribunda shrub rose Astronomia.

Dainty, delicate, pretty; words fail me.  The floribunda rose shrub Astronomia. Photo Credit 

Rosa sp.30

Gorgeous blooms on the Floribunda shrub rose 'Amber Queen'. If you want a hedge rose or a rose for a bedding, this is a perfect choice. The blooms are beautifully shaggy which I love. It's a very cheerful ambery yellow, has medium fragrance and will grow to about 2 - 3 feet. It has medium disease resistance and will even tolerate some shade. First bred in 1984 in the UK. As for its list of awards, there's not much space to fit them all in. It has won 12 awards, proving what a unique rose this is.

Floribunda - Arpeggio 2 (b)

Floribunda Rose 'Arpeggio', above. Such a beautiful red. This rose will grow to about 4 feet, has a mild fragrance and blooms repeatedly from Spring To Summer. I just love the shape and colour of the blooms.

Rosa sp.28

Rosa 'Allgold' from the UK in 1956. This exquisite Floribunda will flower from Spring right through to Autumn, and will fill up a small gap as it only grows to about 3 feet high and a width of only 2 feet. It has medium fragrance and will tolerate some shade. Plant it with some mid to dark blue annuals and perennials to contrast with its light bright colour. This will really make it stand out.

Rosa sp.29

Rosa 'Ambassador', a hybrid tea rose. So sweet. Beautiful, delicate and so easy to grow - only requiring 1 hour a year of maintenance (from Only 0.9 m high and 0.6 wide. Ideal for another small spot, contrasted with blue shades. Also known as Rosa 'Butterscotch'. Another Meilland rose 1977.

Anna Pavlova rose

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Anna Pavlova'. One of the most fragrant roses in the world. It is upright and will grow to about 4 feet. Flowers profusely through Spring and Summer.

Rose, Black Baccara, バラ, ブラック バカラ, (8105317802)

Out of this world. The 'Black Baccara' Rose. The closest rose we have to black. It is a Hybrid Tea rose shrub, very vigorous, and it flowers from June until September. The blooms fade to dark red. Absolutely ideal for cut flowers. If you love this colour (which means deep feelings for someone or something), it's a must-have. (Its parents are 'Celica' × 'Fuego Negro'). Perfect. Height is up to 3 feet.

Bright red Shrub Rose 'Black Forrest'.

This rose really needs a fanfare.  'Black Forest'. The ultimate Floribunda Rose Shrub. It is quite small in stature but huge on impact. It is brand new to the market - introduced in 2010 - 2011, and has already won 4 awards. Another winner from Kordes but it will only grow to 3 feet. So a small space with smaller companion plants which highlight it would be ideal. It has little to no fragrance but it is a stunning addition to your garden. And it is very robust and healthy.

Rose Bonanza

Rosa 'Bonanza', Reimer Kordes (Germany, 1983). An absolute delight. Thisrose will grow to 6 feet but it is a shrub, it is fragrant and it blooms in Summer. ADR award in 1983.

Rosa cultivar Bonica 82 3

What garden would be complete without the world famous Bonica Rose. Slightly fragrant Floribunda blooming through Spring and Summer. It will grow to 6 feet and the climbing form (a 'sport' of the shrub form) will grow to 12 feet. It is tough, reliable, easy to grow and repeat-flowering. It has won 5 awards and is in the Rose Hall of Fame.


The striking rose 'Cherry Parfait' also known as 'Fire and Ice' and 'Jubile du Prince de Monaco'. A Grandifora Meilland rose, it will grow to 3 feet. It blooms repeatedly from Spring through Summer. It has a mild fragrance. 


'Citrus Splash'. If you want to make a splash of colour in your garden, this is the rose which will do it. It could not have a better name, especially on a dry, hot day. It has a mild citrus fragrance, and will grow to about 4 feet. You could go wild with companion plants for this beauty. As a patio plant in a container, it simply invites cool drinks. And it blooms from late Spring right through until Autumn. A Shrub Rose.

Rose Cocorico 20070601

The award winning 'Cocorico Rose' has 6 Gold Medals. It is a Floribunda - most of the shrub roses seem to be - it is simply delightful. Blooms with a very strong fragrance from Spring through Summer. A definite eye catcher, growing to about 4 feet. 


This lovely Floribunda rose 'Daybreaker' has won 4 awards. It has petals which change from pink to orange and yellow. It grows to about 4 feet, and blooms repeatedly from mid-Spring right through to Autumn. Deadheading any spent blooms will increase the amount of blooms. It also has a very strong rose fragrance and was introduced in 2003 in the UK.

Hybrid Tea - Diamond Jubilee 11 (crop)

The Hybrid Tea Rose 'Diamond Jubilee' was first bred in 1947 in the UK. As far as shrub roses go, this is a winner. Strong fragrance, and 2 awards. Its flowers are from 10 - 15 cms across and it grows to about 60 cms. This is a large-flowered rose, and that, combined with its 4 - 5 month flowering period makes it irresistible. This rose has come to prominence because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, but has nothing to do with it. Instead, the following roses must be mentioned to avoid confusion. But it certainly is a rose fit for a Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

What's in a Name?

David Austin, of course, has come up with his own rose for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - 'Royal Jubilee' Rose.

And the other rose specially created by Peter Beales for this Jubilee is - the 'Queen's Jubilee Rose'.

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“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, know that, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again.” Unknown.