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The Westerland Rose. The Glorious Floribunda With High Connections.

The Apricot Orange Westerland Rose.Truly One Of Nature's Best.

The Westerland Rose came onto the market in 1969. It is a beautiful Floribunda. It was grown by Reimer Kordes and its parents were Frederich Worlein and Circus. Circus is a Floribunda and has won three prestigious awards. Its offspring are very interesting and it shows just why Westerland is so beautiful. Circus was a parent of  Joseph's Coat, Angel Face, Lydia, Princess Michiko, Westerland and White Cockade. See  the family photo album below.

Westerland will reach from 4 to 6 feet or more as a shrub rose, and to 12 feet in height as a highly fragrant climbing rose. It is simply beautiful. The petals are a pale apricot orange and are delightfully ruffled. The blooms are huge, about 6 inches across or even bigger, and it has a delicious spicy rose fragrance. It is a vigorous grower with dark green foliage. It has a long flowering season for Zones 5 to 9.

Westerland Rose Awards, Parentage and Offspring.

This rose has 3 major awards under its belt which means it is hardy and disease resistant - this does not mean it is disease-free, but it does mean it is hardy and more tolerant to whatever nature throws at it. It may not be the Rose of the Year, but it has won the RHS//RNRS Award of Garden of Merit for 1993 (UK).

However, one of its parents, Circus, did win Rose of the Year and was an AARS Award winner in 1956. This means, that Westerland has all the right genes which entitle it to be called a disease resistant rose. 

Westerland Rose.Bringing Out The Pink Shades.

In 1974 it won the ADR award and in 1973 it won the New Zealand Certificate of Merit. A lot of people love this rose (including me). I started this page a few days ago and yesterday I was given this rose as part of a bunch freshly picked by a very dear friend of my daughter and he didn't know which rose it was. This is truly another disease resistant rose.

Straight away I recognized it as The Westerland Rose. A very welcome shower of rain had just eased off and it was simply a joy to behold (competing against another 16 or so gorgeous roses grown by him). The rain was so welcome after weeks and weeks without. 


A Deeper Hue.

The Circus Rose.Rosa Circus. Mum Or Dad.

These roses all have winners in their parentage, but White Cockade just happens to have the famous rose rambler New Dawn as one of its parents. I'm afraid that tracing the breeding lines of roses is so like horse racing. I am always tempted to say 'Westerland out of Circus' and so on. However, they are all winners, be they famous roses or famous horses. Photo Credit.

And talking of horses, yes, there is a very special rose called Black Caviar. See it at Treloars Roses. And Black Caviar has just given birth to a daughter, within the last few weeks. We all love Black Caviar, here in Australia. She has won every race she's entered, even Ascot when she won by half a nose, and she is as famous as it gets. 

Rosa x 'Joseph's Coat' Climbing Floribunda

Joseph's Coat.

Lydia. Stan Shebs.

Rosa 'Princess Michiko' 1966

Princess Michiko. 1966.

Rosa sp.301

Rosa White Cockade. 1969.

Sl angelface09

Angel Face. 1969. Another AARS Winner and Westerland's Sibling.

Rosa apricot drift

Apricot Drift is an Offspring of Westerland. Definitely in there.  It has Westerland, the Fairy Rose and Sunblaze in its parentage.

So, if you do decide to add this beautiful Floribunda Rose, Westerland, to your collection, you'll be backing a winner.

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“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry